Owner-Builder Design and Consulting Services

Poseidon Pools welcomes the do it yourself enthusiast.

The Owner-Builder process can be very gratifying. You get to be in complete control of every aspect of your project. When it’s all done you will have a great sense of accomplishment… not to mention bragging rights.

Being an owner-builder means that you are the main or prime contractor. You are ultimately in charge of every phase of construction and all subcontractors who perform work on your job. You have the option to carry out the project at your own pace. There are generally about 8 phases of construction on a pool project and there is a certain order in which things are done. It may seem overwhelming at times, however, Poseidon Pools is more than happy to assist in guiding you through the process. We will make sure the process is seamless and that all work is executed with exceptional workmanship and that the job site (your yard) is kept tidy.

On owner-builder projects, Poseidon Pools does not just set you up with a plan and a construction schedule and wish you the best of luck with your pool. We will be present on the job on every phase. We will make sure your owner-builder experience is enjoyable and that the final product is even more enjoyable.

Poseidon Pools can assist you with:

  • A comprehensive, building department ready, pool plan designed to your specifications.
  • 3-D renderings and a virtual walk-through up-loaded to YouTube.
  • Guidance in dealing with the building departments, irrigation districts and HOAs.
  • A construction schedule.
  • On the job help throughout the construction process to make sure every thing is up to code, inspections are passed the first time and your project stays on schedule.
  • Plumbing and electric rough and equipment installation.
  • Bids from legitimate sub-contractors who we know perform exceptional work or help you get bids from contractors of your choice.
  • Help in comparing and selecting equipment, sanitizers and finish materials.
  • Obtaining lien releases from sub-contractors upon completion and payment of their scope of work.

Each phase of the swimming pool construction process requires a specific skill set. If you are not using our preferred contractors, we highly urge you to use licensed individuals who perform the work on which they are bidding on as there as their regular occupation and can provide you with job pictures and references.

We do not recommend taking on an owner builder project unless:

  • You have a strong understanding of the swimming pool construction process.
  • You have the time to take on the project.
  • You know someone with a strong understanding of the process that is willing to give on the job help throughout the process.

Here is a link to the California State License board website that has some information that home owners should read and understand before making the decision to take on an owner builder project.: http://www.cslb.ca.gov/Consumers/KnowRisksOfOwnerBuilder/

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