About Us

Thank you for your interest in our services.

POSEIDON POOLS is an owner-operator company.

I, Anthony Miranda, the owner have hands on experience in all phases of the swimming pool construction process. I am always honest and upfront. I am very detail oriented and do not like to leave anything to question. I am your designer, hands on construction manager and only contact person throughout the entire process. I will be on the job from start to finish to make sure everything is going per plan, on time and on budget while keeping your yard clean and safe.

Each phase of the swimming pool construction process requires a specific skill set. That’s why I have hand selected highly skilled individuals to carry out their specific portion of the project to ensure that you get the best materials installed by the best craftsmen each step of the way. Many companies may boast they do everything in house. This may not always be the best option if quality is your top priority because you may end up with the Jack of all trades master of none types on you job.

By focusing on only a few projects at a time, we are able to maintain an exceptional level of  quality and customer service.

What I like about building pools, spas and complete backyard living environments is working with home owners to create something that they and their families and friends will be able to enjoy together for as long as they live in that house. And since we deliver such a solid product, we know it will still be there for the next family to enjoy. We welcome the involvement of home owners because it makes the project more unique and that much more custom tailored to suit their personal needs and taste.  It is amazing to be able to bring something to life that all started as a sketch and some notes on a piece of paper. When construction begins and things start to take shape is when the reality of it sets in. When the finish materials go up it begins to get exciting. When the water is in the pool, the landscaping is done and the last little details on the punch list are taken care of and everything looks beautiful, I feel a sense of accomplishment. The best part however, is when the homeowners expresses their satisfaction or tell me that their kids and friends love their new backyard.

“I look forward to working with you.”

Anthony Miranda

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