Poseidon Pools uses only the best building materials and products available. We do not cut back anywhere or on anything. It is important to think how all materials used on the project will look and tie in together. We are more than happy to bring you samples or meet you at show rooms and stone yards to make these selections.


Tile is mostly used inside the pool and spa at the water line and for accent tile or trim tile on the steps and benches. Not any tile will do around a pool. It should be engineered specifically for swimming pool application. Here are some of our favorite tile manufactures/suppliers.





At Poseidon Pools, we like to build things that last with as little maintenance as possible. That’s why we prefer using natural stone whenever we can. To us, there’s nothing that can match the beauty of natural stone. It can be used for many things on  pool and backyard projects such as: stone coping, facing on vertical surfaces, beach entries, flagstone patios, fire pits, sitting walls, waterfalls and much more.  Stone is a mother nature made, time-tested product that will, unlike most tile, never go out of style ensuring your backyard remains beautiful for many lifetimes. There is a vast array of stone types and color. Not all stone should be used around the immediate pool area. We will help you with stone options that will stand up to the pool environment.




Concrete is the most common choice for pool decks, walkways etc. There are many choices of color and texture. Concrete will, in most cases, stand out more than almost any other material on your project. Not all concrete is created equal. That’s why it is important to choose a contractor that has the knowledge to deliver a solid design mix which is as equally important to the over all strength, aesthetics and functionality of your concrete as setting up and finishing it. There are also many ways to enhance existing concrete.

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Pool Interior Finishes

The interior pool finish color and texture will lend to the overall look and feel over your project whether you want a lagoon look, tropical look, classic look or modern look. 

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