The Poseidon Pools Standard

Analog Time Clock Box

When getting bids for swimming pools, most companies will have a base price which shows what is included in their starting pool package. What is included in this base package is entirely up to that particular company so you really have to pay attention when comparing one company’s bid to another. Before pool controls went automated, there were analog time clock boxes (shown at right).

Pentair Easy Touch Automated Control Panel

This is what most companies will include in their base pool package mainly because it makes the bottom line look good. However, you will end up paying for it in a change order down the road when they explain the difference between the analog time clock panel and the automated control panel (shown at left) because let’s face it… the dual time clock panels are old school. Why would you want to build a new pool or get your  pool renovated and put outdated equipment on it? Along with that outdated panel comes a single speed pump, 1 white 500w light and no remotes.

Pentair Variable Speed Pump

Swimmingpool technology has advanced quite a bit in the past 10 years so, we figured it’s time to create a new standard. Our standard pool package will include an automated panel, a remote control (wireless or wall mounted inside your house), an energy-efficient Eco-friendly pump, LED color changing lights, colored plaster with a silicone shield additive, your choice of a salt chlorine generator OR a tri-chlor tablet feeder and a UV sanitizing system, a cartridge filter and pool sweep.

The bottom line will not be sugar-coated by putting lesser equipment or materials on your pool. We will always give you the best and what’s current because we know that’s what you want. We also know how to keep you within budget so we can show you where you can cut back and still get you the pool you desire.

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