Planning Your Backyard Project for 2013

Happy 2013! The Holidays are over and it’s time to start planning for your backyard  project. Don’t procrastinate! Contact Poseidon Pools and let us help you get started on the design process. By getting an early start we can create a beautiful, comprehensive plan that is well thought out and ready to submit to your H.O.A. and buildingContinue reading “Planning Your Backyard Project for 2013”

The Poseidon Pools Standard

When getting bids for swimming pools, most companies will have a base price which shows what is included in their starting pool package. What is included in this base package is entirely up to that particular company so you really have to pay attention when comparing one company’s bid to another. Before pool controls wentContinue reading “The Poseidon Pools Standard”

Bringing a hand drawn plan to life

On occasion we work with clients who have already obtained a plan from a landscape designer. As well as these plans may (sometimes) be laid out, we like to go the extra mile and recreate them (and tweak them if need be) in 3D to give the home owner a better feel for what theirContinue reading “Bringing a hand drawn plan to life”

You Don’t Always Have To Go Big

Swimming pools do not have to be big to be beautiful or enjoyable. Dec. 31st 2010 Small pools  may be more desirable or better fitting for certain homeowners for a number of reasons. Low building cost, low maintenance, low energy and chemical consumption or if you just have a small space to work with. OrContinue reading “You Don’t Always Have To Go Big”