• An aautomated system can simplify your pool’s functions and help make it more energy-efficient. We can set up your swimming pool, spa water features landscape lighting and even fire features on an automated system. Control everything from a wall mounted remote placed in your home or a wireless remote or full color tablet. You can even control your swimming pool with an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or any PC with an internet connection. This is a great option for when you’ve had a long day and would like to have the spa hot enough to jump right in by the time you get home. When you schedule a free consultation with Poseidon Pools, ask us about our special offer to upgrade to a Pentair Eco-Select automated equipment package at no additional cost.


  • When it comes to pumps, Pentair offers the best in energy efficiency with the Intelliflo VS3050 variable speed pump. They are extremely quiet. The first time I saw one it was already installed on a job; I asked if I could turn it on; I was told it was already on (the lowest setting). Some standard pumps may consume as much energy as all other home appliances combined, often costing more than $1,000.00 per year. The Intelliflo VS3050 can cut energy costs from 30% to 90% on average, saving approximately $324.00 to $1,356.00 annually. Of course, these pumps cost more than standard pumps but the saving in energy costs will make up for that in about a year and a half. Take a look at Pentair’s pool pump savings calculator. Here are some videos that compare a standard, single speed pump and a Pentair VS3050 variable speed pump.


  • LED lighting is a growing trend, not only because they are super bright and look amazing, but they are also much lower voltage than standard incandescent lighting options and they will last much longer. There is more of an up front cost, but LED lighting will definitely save money in the long run.
Pentair LED Light

Pentair makes a really nice LED light. Although there is more of an up front cost for LED lights, in the long run they will save money. Here is a link to Pentair’s LED savings calculator to help determine if investing in LED lights is right for you. Pentair Intlillibrite literature. Pentair also makes LED landscape lights that will sync and change color with the pool and spa lighting.

  • Another LED light option that I really like is the Pentair Globrite.

GlobriteAs you can see, these lights are very small. Don’t let size fool you…they are unbelievably bright. They are less conspicuous than the standard style lights with the stainless steel rings. Unlike the standard style lights, they do not have a niche, they slide into a 2″ piece of PVC pipe. Because they are small and only 12v, you can place these lights in places that you could not place other lights. Globrite Lights can be placed in a minimum depth of 4″ of water where other lights must be located at least 18″ below water. This makes them ideal for shallow ledges and benches. Two of these lights strategically placed in a shapely, average size pool can more evenly distribute light then one standard size light in the deep end. Also, two of these lights and the low voltage transformer are about the same price as one standard size LED light. Globrite Literature.

Water & Fire Features:

Water features are always a nice addition to a pool. The create a nice, soothing sound, add visual interest and they help move the water which is good for your pool.

Fire has an undeniably mesmerizing quality which will lend well to any landscape no matter the style.

Add fire and water together for a stunningly beautiful feature.

Raised Bond Beams:

Raised bond beams are sometimes necessary to act as retaining walls on sloped lots. Or they can provide visual interest and an opportunity to add a water feature such as a sheer descent or scupper.lew02

In Floor Cleaning System:

There are many benefits to an in-floor cleaning system. It will eliminate the need for a pool sweep which will make your pool feel more open. In-floor cleaning systems distribute heat and sanitizers more evenly. 

Click here for more info on the Paramount PV3 in-floor cleaning system.

Vanishing Edge, Zero Edge, Perimeter Overflow:

These types of pools are very beautiful and draw a lot of attention. Unique over flow features, when not in use, eliminate any ripples that would otherwise be on the surface of the water giving a mirror like appearance which will reflect the body of water’s surroundings. Careful planning of views and water calculations must be taken into account in order to get the desired effect.

Jet Packs:

Jet Packs by Paramount are a great feature to add to your gunite spa.

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